Thank you for your interest in implementing OPTins for your regulated entities.

To get started, please click the implementation paperwork below and send the completed forms to optinsmktg@naic.org. Once the OPTins team receives your completed paperwork we will begin the implementation process which can take about a week to complete. Please note - you will receive your usernames and login information after the implementation is completed.

OPTins is accepting the following Regulated Entities.

  1. Accredited Reinsurers
  2. Captive Insurance Company
  3. Cemetery Merchandise Trust
  4. Discount Medical Plan Organization
  5. Exempt Professional Employee Organization (PEO)
  6. Full Professional Employee Organization (PEO)
  7. Full Professional Employee Organization (PEO)
  8. Group Professional Employee Organization (PEO)
  9. Home Service Contract Provider
  10. Market Conduct Annual Statement Filing Fee
  11. Motor Service Club
  12. Perpetual Care Cemetery
  13. Pharmacy Benefits Manager
  14. Prepaid Funeral Benefits
  15. Purchasing Group
  16. Qualified Employer
  17. Service Warranty Association
  18. Surplus Lines Carriers
  19. Third Party Administrator (Firm)
  20. Third Party Administrator (Individual)
  21. Vehicle Protection Product Warrantor
  22. Viatical Settlement Providers

Funeral Homes are required to submit a separate Prepaid Funeral Benefits Renewal Application form along with a $50.00 permit renewal fee for each Prepaid Funeral Benefits permit number. 

Accepted Implementation Paperwork
Please note that OPTins only accepts two payment types: ACH debit and ACH credit. Please choose the payment type that is right for your company. Fully complete the forms and send to optinsmktg@naic.org. Please note - choose ONLY one set of forms from the options below.
For more information regarding using OPTins and its benefits, as well as information on states which accept submissions through OPTins, please click here.

ACH Debit Implementation Paperwork

ACH Credit Implementation Paperwork

State Contact Information
Regulated Entities 1, 3-9 & 11-22 as listed above:
Regulated Industry Services (RIS)
Jeanette Pearce
(405) 521-6651

State Contact Information
Regulated Entities 2 & 10 as listed above:
Financial Division
Lauren Bouse
(405) 522-2304