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Attention Oklahoma Regulated Entities!

Click Here to start the licensing process to use OPTins for your Regulated Entity submissions.

Make OPTins Your Electronic Tax Filing Solution!

OPTins is your electronic filing solution, facilitating premium tax, surplus lines tax, assessments, and other state-specific tax filings to 27 states!

Industry users, once you're registered to use OPTins, you can automatically file in all participating jurisdictions. There are no license fees to use OPTins. To register for OPTins, click on Getting Started and complete the appropriate paperwork.

Once you are registered, simply log into OPTins with your assigned username and password, complete the state-specific tax forms, enter the applicable fee amount, and click "Submit."

OPTins makes it easy for PREMIUM Pro users, too. PREMIUM Pro users can now submit their filings to the states via the PREMIUM Pro interface. With OPTins, fees and data are submitted to the states simultaneously and securely.

State users, you can review filings online, as well as process tax payments electronically via Electronic Funds Transfer. Contact optinsmktg@naic.org to find out more.

Interested in an OPTins Industry Tutorial?

OPTins conducts quarterly industry tutorials which demostrate the filing process for premium tax, surplus lines and state specific filers. To find out more about upcoming dates click the link: OPTins Industry Tutorials.


The following states have made OPTins their online tax payment system of choice:

*Click on each state to view a list of upcoming deadlines or go to the State Participation Page
Premium Tax Surplus Lines Tax State-Specific
Alabama Alabama Arizona
Alaska Arizona District of Columbia
Arizona Connecticut (Mandated) Hawaii
Arkansas (Quarterlies Mandated)
Delaware Indiana
Delaware District of Columbia New York
District of Columbia Idaho Oklahoma (Mandated)
Hawaii Indiana Rhode Island (Mandated)
Idaho Iowa (Mandated) West Virginia
Indiana Massachusetts (Mandated) Wisconsin (Mandated)
Montana Michigan (Mandated)
Nebraska New Hampshire (Mandated)
North Dakota New Mexico (Mandated)
Oklahoma (Mandated) North Dakota
Puerto Rico (Mandated) Oklahoma (Mandated)
Tennessee (Mandated) Tennessee
Virgin Islands Virgin Islands
West Virginia West Virginia
Wyoming Wisconsin


Upcoming Filing Deadlines:  

December 2016
1 Tennessee Premium Tax Filing Quarter Three
10 District of Columbia Surplus Lines Filing Affadavit Twelve
10 New Hampshire Surplus Lines Monthly Filing Eleven
10 New York Invoiced Payments: Section 206 Assessment Quarter Four
15 Arizona AHCCCS Contractor Filing Quarter Four
15 Delaware Premium Tax Filing Quarter Four 
15 Idaho Premium Tax Filing Quarter Three
15 Indiana Premium Tax Filing Quarter Four
15 Michigan Purchasing Group Affidavit Month Eleven
15 Montana Premium Tax Filing Quarter Four
15 New York Estimated Retaliatory Tax
15 New York Motor Vehicle Law Enforcement Fee Month Twelve 
15 Oklahoma Premium Tax Filing Quarter Four
20 Hawaii Premium Tax Filing Month Eleven
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